søndag den 25. marts 2012

16 days in Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland

My sister, Madeleine, fell in love with a guy (Ib) and moved to Greenland about a year and a half ago. After a while they moved in together and not too long after that they decided to get engaged.
Then a few months (if that!) later came a surprise, as my sister found out she was pregnant - and bippetyboom - after 9 months; my beautiful niece, Ella-Maliina was born!

(I mean, come on, how cute is this little girl! - here pictured with her auntie - ME!)

Why am I telling you this?
Because this is the pre-story - and the sole reason - for my trip to Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland, from wich I returned just 3 days ago.
It was a splendid trip, absolutely lovely - and absolutely freezing cold! (on the day we arrived we had a negative temperature of 28, with a realfeel of minus 41! (just around negative 41.800 fahrenheit!))

Still, it was absolutely amazing and beautiful.

I won't tell you too much more about the trip, but I will show you just a few of the photos I took (only a few of them, 'cause I shot close to 4000 pictures while we were there) - I especially hope you will enjoy the photos I took of the Northern Lights (as I spent ages trying to get it right)


The View from the kitchen window at my sister's new Inlaws' (Anso & Nils) house.

Just outside Anso's & Nils' house.

The gorgeous mountains that you can see from anywhere in the village.

Sun sets behind the wonderful pastel-coloured houses.

The beautiful church where my sister is getting married this summer.

Sledge dogs and Icebergs.

Laundry and snow.

Northern lights.

Northern lights.

Northern lights.

torsdag den 12. januar 2012

New Year, New Look.

As we've entered into 2012 I decided to give the blog an overhaul and give it a completely new look - do you like it?

I have also decided that some changes are going to happen to the blog - for instance; from now on I cannot promise that all my posts will be in English.
Some of them may well be written in Danish. (I will translate those posts on demand)

I will bring back the photo challenge as well, but it will only happen once in a while - so stay tuned.

I have also decided I will start having a lot more recipes on the blog - I have worked as a cook and I really enjoy the making of food so I always try to be imaginative in the kitchen, whether it's cooking or baking, main courses or desserts, it's all about trying new ways.
I will strive to have a lot more recipes (& pictures) on the blog in the coming future :)

Right, I think this is all for now - I'll be back ;)


fredag den 19. august 2011

2. show - "One Fine Day"

My second night in Edinburgh I watched 2 shows - both very good (one of them still for inexplainable reasons)

First show was called "One Fine Day" and was another one-man show.
The play was about a young dad who tells us the story of how he met his wife; they got married and had children and decided to bring up the kids without all the tabus they themselves had been brought up with - their children were to be brought up knowing about sex and sexuality with no tabus.
But one day the children's school starts questioning their free-spirited way of bringing up the children
- and suddenly the young dad finds himself faced with accusations of incest.
In his frustration over these charges he knocks out a guard at the socialworker's office - and is banned from seeing his children.
He then decides to 'kidnap' his own children for a day (I say 'kidnap', because as he says in the play "I'm not really kidnapping them, I mean.. They're my children").
He's planned and timed it well, but on the day something still goes wrong, as his children accidentally bring their best friend Susie with them.

I've probably told you way too much already, but I am still going to urge you to go see "One Fine Day".

The actor wizzed through different accents with ease and he had such a sense of storytelling that left little to complain about.
The only thing was the he was slightly too young for the part, in my opinion.
But it almost didn't matter, because he was just, quite simply, amazing.

"One Fine Day" ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ (✭)
(playing at Zoo Roxy till the 28th August - 6.30pm every day)


1. show - "Strip Search"

So on my first night at the Fringe my friend Chris took me to see a show.
It was called "Strip Search" and lo and behold! it was a guy telling/acting a story, while - oh, yes! - doing a stripshow! (yeah, if I haven't said so already, thanks for bringing me here Chris..)

So, actually, I believe that this could have worked, only.... it didn't.
(It was funny. But... - mainly because it's always funny when a bloke gets naked...)

There were a few too many "oh, no, you didn't just do that! Baaaad actor!"-moments (as in "baaad dog!")

For instance..
The striptease parts of the show was ment to be, well.. "show-like".. And I suppose they were, but!
The problem was that it was the actor "doing a show" - and not the character doing his 'everyday job' putting on a show.
And so it simply didn't work.

Now, let's agree; beautiful, gorgeous black man taking off his clothes is always exciting.
But from an acting point of view..? Did not work.
Actually, close to disaster.

But the worst thing he did..?
He was reenacting a scene from his life - and actually doing a fairly good job at it - when he said the line "And then I broke down and cried - I can't remember ever crying so much in my life"
- he did that fake 'whimpery' voice that actors do when they're either trying to cry, or trying to make the audience think they're crying.

And, ok, I realise that I might come off as a bit of a bitch here, but having had to cry in a few shows myself - and having difficulty finding the right preparational tools to do it in the last show I did (I cried in every performance we did - and I worked bloody hard to get there!) - you cannot - CANNOT! - say that you're going to "break down and cry more than you've ever cried" if you don't actually cry!
No! Ah, ah! Nein! Nej! Nope! Nix! NO NO NO!

That being said; he did have moments where he was actually doing some genuinely nice and decent acting.

"Strip Search" ✭ ✭
(plays at the Spaces on North Bridge - last show on 20th August at 9.05pm)


Good shows and bad shows - with lovely people.

I have now had my first ever Edinburgh Fringe experience and I have to say, this will be happening every year for me!

I had an absolutely lovely time there :)

So the next few posts will be reviews - enjoy ;o)

lørdag den 13. august 2011

"Favorite colour" (Day 4)

Okay, so I think I've found out why I am yet to update this, and it is because I don't really have a favorite colour.. - or actually... I've got quite a few!

BUT, I decided that I could only have one favorite colour, so it was time for me to find out which colour that was.. I went through colours such as "newly-fallen-rain-on-grass"-green, earth-and-dirt-brown, ocean-blue and many more - but by the end, when it really came down to it, I chose:


So here are some examples of my favorite kind of purple:
(regretably, I have not taken the pictures - they have been graciously lent by Mister Google himself)

I really do love this colour :o)

I will get back to you soon with more updates - next up is "Day 5" :)


torsdag den 11. august 2011

"Clouds" (Day 3)

Right, so I skipped day 3 yesterday, but I did take 2 photos of the sky.

Here they are:

How did the clouds on your sky turn out? :o)

p.s. the days have hereby been shifted.. so when I can do the next day, that day will be day 4 :)